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Corporate Team Building Singapore (Medieval Weapons Made In Singapore!)

Our most popular corporate team building Singapore programme where teams build a medieval weapon with limited resources and learn the different behaviours forces, ability to communicate and delegate tasks.

Corporate Team Building Singapore with a deep impact

Corporate Team Building Singapore highlights

Knowing Me Knowing You
Self-awareness is the beginning of personal effectiveness. Teams will first learn about their preferred behavioural styles by means of an assessment that is included into the program.


  • Being aware of our personalities and behaviours thus being able to understand others better
  • Adaptability and flexibility to shift to engage others effectively, ironing out differences easily

Ultimate Success Formula
Too many times leaders are good at their vocation but have challenges in the area of duplicating their success. This activity serves a strong reminder that success does not happened by chance but is planned and duplicable.


  • Identify personal and team goals to steer the team towards an achievable common goal
  • Learn and apply a Success Model to achieve goals easily
  • Foster better team cohesiveness through a shared vision

Building the ultimate weapon

Teams would have competed in various activities above to earn various items that they will use building an ancient structure.  Working with limited resources and knowledge on this project mimics real world scenario when a team takes on a new project.  Members will be tested and mentally stressed out to race against time and other teams to emerge the winner.  When the team is able to overcome challenges together, their team bonding factor and cohesiveness is increased. 


  • Putting theories into practice to reinforce concept of being an efficient team
  • Develop a sense of creativity in problem solving to enhance cohesiveness
  • Foster teamwork through bonding during stressful time

The aim of these corporate team building activities were designed with specific learning outcomes and the main focus is not ra-ra motivational speeches which we all know doesn't have any lasting effects.

How is corporate team building different from other activities in Singapore?

Corporate team building differs from other activities with the clear intent to deliver a learning objective after each major activity.  Through the play of games and activities, your staff will work together forming a natural friendship-like bond thus building a strong rapport for each other.  Having strong rapport will increase their tolerance and resistance against any friction that might occur at the work place.  Without a carefully crafted activity backed with useful learning points, your team just concentrates on having fun and this are considered team-bonding programmes.

The games and activities are like metaphors.  Through these activities, they will learn the similarities with their workplace and bring along learning points in a fun and enjoyable way thus lowering the resistance or mentality that the boss is trying to force a culture change down their throats.

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