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Building An Amazing Team Challenge

For the outdoor fanatics, where racing on foot is just too main stream. You might just find yourself hanging around a tree. Starting from a location in Singapore, teams will make their way to an end point completing challenges and tasks together building teams along the way.

This is a full day team bonding outdoor event that requires travelling around Singapore together.

Below are some examples of activities that might be conducted. All activities are aimed at putting the teams through challenges in varying difficulties and emerge successful in each challenge to build on their team's cohesiveness.

Team Building Singapore with deep learning points

Sample Highlights for Singapore

Reach for the Sky
Each team will use limited resources to build the tallest sand structure with a bottle placed at the top.
Learning Objective: Creativity, tasks delegation

Pail Lift
Teams lay on the ground in a circle with a pail in the centre and they have to coordinate the lifting of the pail.
Learning Objective: Team work, coordination, care for team members

Balloon Trolley
Members of the team stand behind one another with a balloon between each member.
Keeping hands away from the balloon, teams must negotiate through a course to collect
as many flags as possible.
Learning Objective: Coordination, team bonding

Torch Relay
Each member of team has a stick and teams race to transport a ball from start to finish
using nothing but their sticks.
Learning Objective: Creativity, conflict management, resilience

Traffic Jam
A brain teaser for every team member to find the solution to transport members from one side of the road to the other in the quickest possible time.
Learning Objective: Leading abilities, brainstorming under stressful conditions, conflict management

Win As Much As You Can (Indoor)
Objective of this session is to inculcate the concept of ALL WIN or WIN-WIN. This is
done through a game that is played with chips or if possible real money
Learning Objective: Concept of "all win", There need not be a loser for a winner to emerge. Thereby showing that working tegether is not about winning for personal or team benefits. Everyone can win together.

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